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Our journey and commitment

Two Oakland natives traveling from Atlanta to Charlotte were inspired to write, on a paper napkin, the vision of what is now known as Paradigm 360º Coaching and Consulting. 

Yvette Hall and Christina Lee had a passion to see peoples’ lives be transformed in every corner of the globe. Paradigm 360º was incorporated September of 2012 at the kitchen table of our COO and Co-Founder Yvette Hall. We had our first launch party in November of 2012 with close to 100 attendees.  Thirty-five supporters caught the vision and joined the movement of releasing sustainable change in the hearts and minds of individuals around the world through the power of coaching and leadership development.

Since then, Paradigm 360º has trained, certified and coached over 5,000 leaders world-wide. Our impact has been felt around the world through television appearances, multiple articles in local news, national radio, and magazines within and outside of our region. Our goal is to “build world-class leaders one conversation at a time.”

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Expanding The Vision

Paradigm 360º has been honored to work with some of our country’s top businessmen and women in the government, corporate and non-profit . Our vision has expanded from the humble beginnings of Coach Training Certification to speaking to national audiences and producing change management strategies across organizational business lines.

Where We Are Headed

Over the last decade we have added different leadership development programs and change management strategies that have allowed us to create a unique business niche across the country. Our goal is to work with small, medium and large companies who desire organizational change, accountability and high levels of authenticity that promotes employee engagement. Our motto is “Building World Class Leaders One Conversation At A Time.”

Let us help your organization scale to the next level. Join the Shift!  

Our Mission

To build world-class leaders one conversation at a time through transformational and authentic leadership trainings, executive coaching, change management  and consulting.

Our Vision

To create a community of authentic corporate, government, and non-profit leaders who are equipped to transform their teams, create a winning culture and lead with integrity in the workplace. 

Core Values

To lead with transparency and authenticity; to demonstrate integrity in all things; belief in the individual; respect that all change starts from within.
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Our Community Work

It’s our goal to help bridge the gap in areas of rural and inner city poverty, workforce mobility and K-12 education. A portion of our corporate earnings contribute to the work we perform in the local marketplace. 

We support and organize high-level programing for youth and adult learners in fragile communities who are learning new skillsets and personally developing themselves on a corporate level.

Our Experts

Meet the P360 Team


Christina Lee is the Chief Executive Officer for Paradigm 360º Coach Training, LLC. She has a wealth of experience in corporate, non-profit management, fundraising and development.


Yvette is a Prosci Change Management practitioner and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. She has had a successful 20-year career in marketing, sales and business development, working in senior management for several Fortune 100 companies.


Yolanda Belin is the Director of Operations of Paradigm 360°
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Executive Leadership Training

A Paradigm 360° Facilitator will assist your group in planning and conducting meetings, workshops, or other collaborative sessions in order to enhance productivity, communication, and teamwork within the organization.

  • Meeting Design: Facilitators work with you to design meeting agendas and structures that are tailored to the objectives of the session. They may use various techniques and frameworks to ensure that the meeting is focused, productive, and engaging.

  • Process Management: Facilitators manage the flow of the meeting, ensuring that discussions stay on track and that all participants have an opportunity to contribute. They may use tools such as timekeeping, ground rules, and visual aids to keep the meeting running smoothly.
  • Facilitated Discussions: Paradigm 360° Facilitators encourage open and constructive dialogue among participants, helping to generate ideas, explore different perspectives, and reach consensus on key issues. They may use techniques such as brainstorming, group exercises, or structured discussions to facilitate collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Decision-Making Support: Facilitators help groups make informed decisions by providing relevant information, clarifying options, and guiding the decision-making process. They may use tools such as decision matrices or voting systems to help groups prioritize and evaluate alternatives.

  • Conflict Resolution: Facilitators help manage conflicts and disagreements that arise during meetings, fostering a positive and respectful environment where differing viewpoints can be addressed constructively. They may use mediation techniques or facilitate discussions to help parties find common ground and reach resolution.

  • Action Planning: Facilitators assist groups in developing action plans and next steps to implement decisions or recommendations arising from the meeting. They may help identify responsible parties, set timelines, and define measurable outcomes to ensure accountability and progress.

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