Strategic Facilitation and Change Management

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It Starts With A Plan

The Paradigm 360º team of master facilitators skillfully guides organizations through transformative processes to achieve their long-term goals.

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Corporate Facilitation

A Shift Towards Authenic Conversations.

  • 6 Team Conditions
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Team Performance Model
  • Customized Leadership Development Cohorts
  • Leadership Practices Inventory
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Strategic Visioning

Paradigm 360º facilitates collaborative strategic planning sessions, fostering effective communication and implementing tailored change initiatives to ensure seamless adaptation to evolving business landscapes, all while maximizing organizational efficiency and sustainability.

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Change Management

Change is a constant and we are committed to coming alongside organizations to help facilitate the change process.

No matter the scope of the change, we guide you through the process of moving from your current state to your desired future state with excellence.

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Grow Your Business With Us

Develop your internal talent and expertise to address challenges and drive change. Foster the mindset shifts necessary for tackling complex and strategic problem-solving challenges.

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Corporate Training

Let our qualified coaches guide you through a suite of personality assessment tools like

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The Five Behaviors
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Continuously update your skills and knowledge. Educational materials, resources, and instruction are available to learners whenever they need them.

Corporate Facilitation

Use our assessments to make smarter hiring decisions, develop your team, and enhance overall workforce performance and talent management.